Update on Griffith

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MADOW and Michelle in Griffith

In May 2020 MADOW continued to support Michelle Bordignon, in Griffith, by sending $400.  Michelle collects, delivers and helps in Griffith Public School, at Griffith Hospital, in the Hub (a shared space for social services) and wherever she can!.

MADOW has been very fortunate to have Michelle Bordignon and Nicole Dehnert guide our efforts in Griffith.

 Michelle writes about her recent effort -

"This Saturday I raced down to Best and Less and spent $77 on warm pjs, underwear, fluffy socks and a top and track pants for a lady with no clothes in the hospital.

I raced home, put it all in a small suitcase and filled a handbag with lovely items.

The social worker asked if I would drop off the suitcase and handbag at the hospital.

Well they made me take them in to the lady.

She looked so very sad, and when I explained I had a bag for her with some pajamas etc and the handbag was for her - 

She couldn't speak and just cried.

My gosh I cried all the way home.-

You just realize how lucky you are sometimes."


Although Michelle and Nicole do all the leg work, MADOW likes to imagine that the financial assistance helps. The ability to donate is because our congregation has given MADOW generous support.  Thank you.