Playgroup @ Gordon-Pymble

picture of colour purple

Theme today is the colour purple. Let's do some crafts together

Playgroup during Covid is all on zoom  but we hope we can provide the same warmth and care for you and your children.

Are you ready for an active Playgroup session on Zoom?

We have had a fun start to term 3 continuing playgroup on zoom and creating lovely craft.  However, the team at GPUC have decided it's time to get active with Playgroup Gym & Dance.  We have also changed some sessions times and made specific sessions for craft, story-time and gym & dance.  

Please join us on the following zoom sessions:
Mondays 10am - Craft (usual craft, story-time and dance)
Tuesdays 11am NEW TIME - Story-time plus
Wednesdays 11am NEW TIME - Active Playgroup Gym & Dance
Thursdays 12.30pm - Craft (usual craft, story-time and dance)

Our Zoom ID remains the same: Zoom ID  530 938 906

We look forward to seeing you all there, even if its only for 20 mins..  Get those catching hands ready!