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GPUC Mission Plan "Towards 2025"

Have a read of our latest Mission Plan which includes:

- Vision

- Who we are

- Long Term Values

- Guiding Principles Towards Current Priorities

- The Big Three Priorities

- So Where Are We Now?

photo John Pender
John Pender receives Order of Australia

Reverend Pender said he was "dumbfounded" when he was notified of his Order of Australia Medal. "It's not something that's usually within my ballpark," he said.

Annual Reports of the Gordon-Pymble congregation
Annual Reports 2020

Here are the annual reports of the congregation.

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Sydney Central Coast Presbytery Newsletter
Whats happening in the Presbytery Check out their Newsletter
Picture of zero emissions
A zero emissions Uniting Church
Our Plan for Climate Action
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New website for Uniting Church Assembly
New Website for the UCA Assembly
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Uniting Assembly Newsletter- Sharing our faith through tough times
Various Articles from the UCA Assembly
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Uniting Assembly Newsletter- Uniting to Create New Normal

It’s time to create a new normal JULY 1, 2020 With less than 90 days until the September economic cliff, UnitingCare Australia warns that people in vulnerable circumstances are once again at significant risk. Appearing before the Senate Select Committee on COVID-19 this morning, National Director, Claerwen Little, voiced concerns about the ongoing social and economic impact of the coronavirus crisis.
Picture president UCA
Uniting Assembly Newsletter- Happy 43rd Birthday
Dr Deidre Palmer has encouraged Uniting Church members to apply the difficult learnings of 2020 to shape the way the Church pursues God’s mission in the world.
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Uniting Assembly Newsletter- stand against racism

The national leaders of the UCA and UAICC are encouraging members to stay active in support of racial justice, as the movement against racism continues around the world.
Logo of UCA Assembly
Uniting Assembly Newsletter

UCA leaders share hope amid the COVID-19 crisis
Annual Reports of the Gordon-Pymble congregation
Annual Reports 2019

Here are the annual reports of the congregation.