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Commitment List Challenge

Sunday's Service came up with a commitment list.  What will you commit to?  Would love to hear about it.

Support for Tupou

Tupou Kamotu, a youth leader in the Uniting Church, will be speaking to us at worship on Sunday.

high tea
Worship with a Twist & HSC packs delivered

Yesterday for worship we had a High Tea with a twist.  Great food, great conversation, great community!  Thanks everyone who made it happen!  If you want to see what we discussed, check it out here.  We also sent some of these packs to our local H

Uniting Prayer

On Sunday 28th May begins Uniting in Prayer—26 days of prayer across the whole Uniting Church. All who call the Uniting Church home are invited to take part between Pentecost Sunday and the 46th Anniversary of the Uniting Church on 22 June.

Message from Rev. Karen

Hello friends,

If you are not seeing my weekly message on the newsletter, please email info@gpuc.org.au to be added to the weekly email.

The cock crows
Online Easter

If you are away, or not really a church type person you might want to watch our short video clips on each of the days with your children.

It’s called Katch-up with God and Krazy Kaz.

Mary, the prostitute of easter
Mary, the Prostitute of Easter

In the third of our Characters of Easter stories, we explore the role of Mary at Easter through a dramatic reading.

Script is below

Mary is known as the prostitute of Easter. We see her on the fringe, as unclean.

Cross with flowers and lights.
A Cross out the Front

Easter Day (Sunday)

The cross stands on the road, without the tangle taken off, testifying to the new life that can be found in our lives.

Peter is the coward of Easter
Peter, the Coward of Easter

In the second of our Characters of Easter stories, we explore the role of Peter at Easter through a dramatic reading.

The script is below


Judas, the Villain of Easter
Judas the Villain of Easter

In the first of our Characters of Easter stories, we explore the role of Judas at Easter through a dramatic reading.

The script is below

holy week
Holy Week Services

Join us as we reflect together on the Easter Story.

Rev. Karen's Induction Service here on YouTube

For those who missed last Friday's Induction service for Rev.

Watch our service on YouTube

If you missed our Sunday Service, all of our services continue to be uploaded to our YouTube page.  I love this artistic photo of a traditional service in the modern world.

Uniting Article with Rev. Karen Mitchell-Lambert
"You are never too old to be part of God’s work and vision" What’s your Uniting Church story?

I didn’t grow up in the Church, so I have only known (and loved!) the Uniting Church.

Christmas Eve Choir

Christmas Eve Choir

Steve's Final Service & Farewell

Di and I would like to thank the entire congregation for your very kind words, extremely generous gift and all the warmth of last week’s service and mor

Rev John Pender
Rev Dr John Pender's Funeral Service

For those who were unable to make Rev Dr John Pender's funeral service on Wednesday, we have uploaded his Thanksgiving Service onto our YouTube link. Gordon-Pymble Uniting Church - YouT

45 years
Celebrate 45 years of UCA - Happy Birthday Video

As we approach the 45th anniversary of the Uniting Church in Australia next Wednesday 22 June, UCA has prepared a video to share as we celebrate this wo

Three candles align on my table
Candles Bring Hope

A story about not power, but hope...
Christmas decorations
Newsletter 22nd December 2019