Judas the Villain of Easter

Judas, the Villain of Easter

In the first of our Characters of Easter stories, we explore the role of Judas at Easter through a dramatic reading.

The script is below

Judas is known as the villain of Easter. We hold Judas accountable for sending Jesus to his death. We label those who betray us, Judas.

But who was Judas??

He was one of the twelve. He was loved. He was trusted. He was accepted. He believed. He followed. He learnt. But he became distracted. He wanted more. He was tempted. He was turned. He was told by Jesus to do what he had come to do. He betrayed with a kiss.

Why did Jesus let him do it?
Why did Jesus not stop him?
Why did he lose sight of the king??

Did Jesus still love him??
Did Jesus still accept him??
Did Jesus forgive him??

Judas left empty.
Judas left broken.
Judas lost everything

Judas was just like us.