The Church Council has overall responsibility for, and sets the vision and agenda for, GPUC in consultation with the congregation.

The members of the Church Council are:  Lloyd R (Chairperson), Janet S (Deputy Chairperson), Brian G (Secretary), David T (Treasurer), Karen M-L (Minister), Sue Co, Sue Cr, David H, Darryl M and Tamara R.

The Church Council has appointed a number of committees (known as “Teams”), each of which has a charter.  The structure is designed to avoid bureaucratic and hierarchical approaches and instead encourage Teams to operate with freedom and initiative within their charter.  Church Council is not “on top”; rather the activities and ministries – where people connect with and are part of GPUC – are prominent.

The Teams support and resource their activities / programs and help those activities / programs stay connected to the GPUC.  The Teams provide copies of the minutes of their meetings (or similar) to the Church Council and provide an annual report to the Church Council, which are in turn incorporated in the Church Council’s annual report to the congregation.


GPUC’s part-time staff are responsible for co-ordinating all activities at GPUC that support our community.  Visit our team.


Our staff members are: Nicola R (Ministry Coordinator), Lesley B (Community Worker), Courtney H (Family Worker) and Sonja P (Administration Manager).