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Organisation; is how we arrange ourselves.

Gordon-Pymble Uniting Church is:

  • a self-sustaining, local community
  • proudly part of the Uniting Church of Australia
  • registered with the Australia Taxation Office (ABN 83 664 228 893)

We are part of the Uniting Church of Australia. This means we are part of a:

The local congregation is relatively autonomous. Decision making is managed through a number of volunteer working groups and committees. The congregation is served by an elected Council. The Council annually elects a number of office holders including chairperson, secretary, treasurer. The council has delegated a number of its responsibilities to committees and boards. These all operate as sub-committees of the Council, but are relatively independent in their decision making:

  • Faith Development Team
  • Justice and Service Team
  • Community Connections Team
  • Communications Team
  • Business Team
  • SCUC bridging group are responsible for developing the relationship with our partner Korean congregation

The congregation meets regularly to review and determine issues of broad interest as well as for defined roles in the constitution. They are broadly responsible for:

  • Electing the Council
  • Determining high level planning priorities.
  • Approving the appointment of Ministers
  • Approving annual budgets and reviewing accounts periodically and approving audited accounts