Picture of women in the Pacific

At GPUC we want our mission to be

  • local
  • national
  • and International

We have a partnership with Uniting World. The financial component of the partnership is directed to the broader Partnering Women for Change (PW4C) program (which includes the Healthy Families, Safe Communities project), with the relational component directed to the Kiribati project and the Kiribati Uniting Church.

As a church we are committed

  • to supporting both the Kiribati Community and UnitingWorld staff in prayer
  • devote at least one service per year focussed on Kiribati
  • Produce a video twice a year to send to the Kiribati Uniting Church. Just recently our Messy Church families sent a Thinking of You video
  • Financial support
  • Educate the GPUC Community about the project and the partnership.

If you wish to donate click here.

    If you are interested in being part of a small group to foster this relationship please contact Nicola@gpuc.org.au

    Hear an update from Rev. Paul Swadling at a recent Online service.