Wearing of Masks at GPUC

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The Synod of NSW-ACT strongly recommends that:

  • Should any congregation feel they must gather face to face, every participant should wear a face mask.

Hence at GPUC we are asking anyone using our facilities to follow these rules if they are in the public areas.

When to wear a mask from the NSW Health website

With community transmission occurring across the state, the NSW Government strongly recommends that you take extra precautions in some circumstances to protect others. Wear a mask:

  • if it is hard to maintain 1.5 metres of physical distance from others

  • In areas where there has been community transmission

  • when in high-risk indoor areas such as public transport, supermarkets, shops, churches and other places of worship

  • when caring for or serving vulnerable people

  • if working in a cafe, restaurant, pub, club or other high-risk indoor areas.

Children under 12 years of age do not need to wear a mask. Toddlers under 2 years of age and babies must not wear masks, which are a choking and suffocation risk.

To see how to wear your mask download the World Health Organisation