Friday Fun Connections 15th October - zoom

Friday fun Connections

Our Friday Fun Connections is once a month.  Our aim is to build stronger relationships in families and stronger connections with the community by doing purposeful projects and making a difference.

The theme changes each month where we work with non for profit organisations to support communities.  In the next few months we will be looking at climate change that is affecting Kiribati, supporting Margaret Jurd College (creating positive futures together) and MADOW (making a difference out west)


Let's see what's happening this Friday at Friday Fun Connections. 6.30pm.  Register below.

Lets Get Filming
Our kids and adults will be filming a video on zoom for our UnitingWorld connection with Kiribati (pronounced Kiribus).  If you don't know much about Kiribati, have the children do some research, otherwise we can show you a short video.  We have  been inspired by a documentary that interviews 11 year old's around the world.  Here is the link to the I AM ELEVEN trailer.
Our individual videos will be 20 seconds each.  Our aim is to let them know we are thinking of them.  The one thing we all have in common is that we have been or all will be ELEVEN at some stage in our life. 
Each of us will say, what they loved about being 11, or hope to be doing at 11.  We will keep it very simple.  

Writing to Margaret Jurd College (MJC) families.  
If you remember making a banner for MJC, we will be connecting with them once again through a lovely Christmas Card.  Those who registered, I will be delivering Christmas Cards for you to write to a student and their family, wishing them well leading up to Christmas.  We will give you some examples on the night.

A big THANK YOU from Horton House  for our letters they received last month. They were delighted to hear what we have been up to during lockdown.

For the last 3 months, FFC has been in lockdown and therefore has been free.   Our aim is always to care and support our community.  Families have been donating money to GPUC to support FFC.  All donations go towards thank you packs, knitting needles, wool, cards and staff to run this event.  If you are able to donate  $10 per child this month, we would greatly appreciate it.  Account Name:Gordon UC Giving Direct   BSB: 634-634  Account number: 10-002-5867

See you Friday on the following zoom link.

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Before I forget, 1 more week to secure you pudding making.  In person or on zoom.  Details on  Bookings close in 1 week.

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