Ways to Stay Mentally Healthy during COVID Times Review

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Lifeline presentation

Ways to Stay Mentally Healthy during COVID Times Zoom Session

Last Tuesday two Lifeline Counsellors, Jen and Rachael, gave us a terrific Zoom presentation on how we can stay mentally healthy during COVID times. The session was very informative and provided a number of thought-provoking and useful tips, even for those who thought they were coping well. Lifeline’s most important tips are to take care of yourself and to create opportunities for experiencing positive emotions. They advise this is most easily achieved by keeping up a set of daily activities… and especially ones which give you a sense of achievement, are indulgent, and give you joy!

GPUC has long been a staunch supporter of Lifeline’s work, so it was wonderful to see it in action and to connect with members of their counselling staff. Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury CEO, Wendy Carver, said, “I am so pleased Lifeline can provide Gordon-Pymble Uniting with some support at this time. Your congregation is always so supportive of Lifeline and it is great when we can do something in return!” If you missed the live presentation, a PowerPoint of it can be accessed either through our website or via links in the weekly service email. We look forward to hosting Lifeline’s “Accidental Counsellor” course in September