Heartfelt Thanks from Griffith

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Margo L has shared a touching letter from Michelle Bordignon, MADOW’s main social work contact in Griffith, telling of an incredible round trip made to Condoblin with donations from GPUC and other supporters. Hello Ladies, Thankyou for those wonderful 3 pallets of warm clothes, blankets etc. I wanted to tell you about my day today. Last week I had heard a few times there were families doing it tough in Condobolin. (About 240km from Griffith.) So I found a contact that had a family all being reared by an elder, including grandkids and great grandkids and two other elders in the house. My husband Alby said he would take me there if I emptied his ‘Man Cave’… which I had filled to the roof. So I emptied my room, Alby’s shed and half the storage unit and we packed the ute and trailer. Honestly couldn't fit another thing in. Tennille gave me 10 ‘Foodbank’ boxes, a box of tinned tomatoes, a box of tinned spaghetti, 19 handbags filled with toiletries and a bag of new underwear. Plus we put in a fair bit of your stuff plus heaps of blankets and warm clothes. Omg it was so lovely, after we pulled it all out, all the family poured out of the house. Truly was like Christmas, they didn’t have much themselves but had made a list of what all the family and neighbours needed. Bless them. ‘Share the Dignity’ had given me a lot of sanitary items, so I was also able to take those, some kids books, lots of shoes, and 3 scooters. Ohh the excitement. It was actually better than Christmas. The elder hugged me so hard and said that she will never ever forget me for this. She was crying, made me teary too. I am definitely going to find a regular driver that goes that way, or even the family’s son said he would try to come to Griffith later in the year. Alby and I came away so emotional. Such a lovely day. Thankyou again for all those lovely items. At least you can walk in my downstairs room again. And as for Alby— Empty Shed = Happy Husband! xxx Michelle