Return and Earn - Donate to GPUC

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Exciting news from our Community Projects (Friday Fun Connetions) families that love to look after our environment.  We have set up a donate page at your local Return and Earn (the closest one is St Ives Shopping Village).  Support GPUC for our community projects by simply donating your 10c per bottle at the machine when you recycle.  Once you donate the cans, press donate now and press GPUC Community Projects.  The money will be sent to GPUC to help us with our next project.  Collect your bottles / cans from home, neighbours and maybe get your school involved.  This month we are making breakfast pack for the homeless, making boomerang bags and biscuits for aged care homes.

Its really easy.  Courtney has made a video to show you how.

This initiative to donate your drink container refunds runs until 23rd April 2023 at your allocated local Return and Earn machines.

If you are interested in seeing what happens to the bottles, here are some links.

The Journey of a recycled plastic bottle:


​​​​​​​Why reducing litter counts:  

Happy Recycling!