Messy Meets Karen

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Last Saturday evening saw a wonderful Messy Church gathering of seven families to meet Karen and find out some of her great loves, such as...  Chocolate or chips?  Pokémon or mine craft?  Football or soccer?  Maths or English?  Delving deeper, questioning of Karen revealed even more information...  Have you been involved in Messy Church?  “Yes!  I was one of the first people to introduce Messy to Australia.”  What is your favourite Messy Church?  “Jonah and the Whale.” 
What is your favourite Jesus story and why? 
“The story of children coming to Jesus... because when I work with children I learn about God.”

Nicola reports, “We looked at the story of Jesus being tempted in the desert and asked ourselves questions such as ‘How do you decide what is risky to do and what is safe?’  And played a game of Jenga while we pondered.  Then we created collages of the desert and asked ‘Where do we find strength in the hard times?’  We also talked of ‘How do we resist temptations?’ and wrote prayers for the world.  It was a fun night for all.”

The next Messy is Saturday 1st April at 4.30pm at Gordon.  We look forward to seeing you there.  If you have any questions, please contact