Mary, the Prostitute of Easter

Mary, the prostitute of easter

In the third of our Characters of Easter stories, we explore the role of Mary at Easter through a dramatic reading.

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Mary is known as the prostitute of Easter. We see her on the fringe, as unclean.

But who was Mary??

She was always there. She was a friend. She was a believer.

She was a disciple. She knew the power of Jesus. She understood the teaching of Jesus.

She would never leave Jesus. She stayed and watched. She was heartbroken. She would not abandon.

She would perform the rituals. She would treat him like a King. She would honour him.

She was resilient and She was strong but She was afraid, she was disrespected.

She was unliked. She was stereotyped.

Would she be seen as hysterical? Was she delusional? Would they see her as mad?

Jesus loved her Jesus accepted her Jesus revealed himself to her.

Mary was not empty. Mary was not broken. Mary had seen the Living King.

Mary was just like us.