Our 'Young People' sewing sustainable bags

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Our Friday Fun Connnections families together with 5 Volunteers from Boomerang Bags sewed 9 sustainable bags from start to finish. 

The families were printing logo’s, stitching, and sewing up the seams to make 9 gorgeous bags.  Chloe will be delivering them to Gordon Shopping Village.  Hopefully this is 9 less plastic bags in this world.

A big Thank You to Wendy and Janet our kitchen volunteers and our 2, year 11 Leaders from PLC, who helped set up, support families and enjoy the evening with us.

Our families are really enjoying, making a difference and meeting new friends.  With our left over dinner, we arranged for the food to go to feed the homeless at Martin Place.  Thanks Alex for organising.

Our FFC Community Projects is moving to the 2nd Friday of each month from the 3rd.  We look forward to seeing you at the next one.