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Greetings friends!

What a wild ride the last couple of months have been.

So many changes, so many uncertainties. We have just moved into a new stage of COVID where we can consider getting our groups back together, but it isn’t like old times. There are so many things to think about.

We just want to remind you all that before any group gets together you need to fill out a COVID Plan for your group and it needs to be approved by your Church Council. There are still things we are unsure about moving forward though we know that God is with us as we explore the next new way to share the Good News that comes to us through Jesus.
We have included in this newsletter a special section exploring how we could rethink what we do in a COVID world to help keep as many people safe as possible. Let’s get creative people!
The Coronavirus has given us a chance to step out of what has always been and explore a whole new world. As we get back together let's think about what we were doing and ask whether there could be changes we make to prioritise young people so that we can use this opportunity to Grow Young.