Exploring Faith

man praying with a wooden desk background

These activities explore Faith from across a spectrum of ideas, beliefs and certainties:


PUnCh (Pymble Uniting Church) Discussions is a group of roughly 50+ year-olds that meet to discuss life.

We have been around long enough to know that life isn’t all about easy answers or neat clichés. We explore the world as it is, often discussing an issue from the news or a hot topic. At other times we look at a video or part of a film that is stimulating. We share our experiences (voluntarily) and the emphasis is on finding something to take away to sustain us in the week ahead.

We might explore some Bible verses related to the topic but it is not a Bible Study group. We allow ourselves to get a little side-tracked and we laugh a fair bit. We also spend a fair bit of time just catching up with each other, because that is a good thing. We begin and end with a brief prayer or blessing to bring what we do before God.

We started the group because we wanted to provide something that might be real and useful.


Tuesday Evening Conversations is a diverse group of people who meet for dinner and then have a discussion on a broad range of topics.

From the exploration of science and religion, ecotheology, cosmology and belief in the modern world, this groups goes where ordinary people fear to tread.  Many of the members went to church years ago, found it wanting, and then left.  They now re-enter the conversation from a desire to "make sense of it all", exploring Faith without losing their scepticism.

The group explores the mysteries of life by tackling questions that are difficult to answer, while at the same time responding to our need for community.